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Due to safety reasons, we do not accept dogs that are highly reactive to grooming and/or are not maintained on a regular grooming cycle. Haircut dogs: 8 weeks or less. Bath and Tidy: 12 weeks or less.

Le Patou Grooming Contract

Thank you for your interest in Le Patou’s grooming services. In an effort to provide the most attentive, safe and timely services for all, we ask all our clients to read and acknowledge the following. Booking services with us indicates that you are accepting the terms and conditions in this contract.

All New Clients MUST complete the required “Contact Form” prior to your appointment or your appointment will be cancelled. This form asks for medical information, current vaccination records and your veterinarian’s contact info. The Contact Form will be emailed to you upon approval of your appointment request. You may obtain a paper copy at the salon if you prefer.



All dogs must be on a leash while visiting Le Patou.

Please potty your dog before entering the salon. We have waste bags and disposal cannister available.


We schedule private, 1:1 appointments one dog family at a time. Our structure is similar to a human salon. Please be courteous of drop-off and pick-up times as our goal is a calm, private experience for each pup. Delayed pick-up ( >15 minutes beyond scheduling window) will result in a day care fee of $5/15 minutes.

You will receive an automated courtesy text/email 48 hours prior to your pups’ appointment requiring your confirmation. We require 24 hour notice should you need to cancel or reschedule. Failure to do so will result in a charge per our cancellation policy which you can find here.


You agree, your dog is fit and healthy. Grooming of sick and elderly dogs is entirely at the owners’ risk. If your dog has an unexplained cough, runny nose, lethargy, vomiting or diarrhea, please call to reschedule your appointment.

All dog are required to be current on their Rabies & Distemper vaccinations. Bordetella, while not required, is recommended. You may enter that information under “pet” in your client portal. Portal access is issued after appointment confirmation for new clients. You are also welcome to provide a paper copy at your appointment or email a copy to: 


We require all dogs to be on monthly flea and tick prevention (oral or topical). In the unfortunate event that fleas are found on your dog, we will call you immediately to determine course of action. Additional fees may apply. (Per application guidelines, do not schedule grooming within 3 days of flea/tick topical treatment).

De-Matting Policy

Light de-tangling is different than de-matting. We practice humanity over vanity and will never put a dog through an extensive and painful de-matting process in order to “save” a coat. De-matting not only damages the coat leading to easier matt formation in the future, but it is extremely painful and could inflict skin damage as well as traumatize your dog. Complete shaving of dogs will only be carried out if the dog is extensively matted. Shaving will dramatically change their appearance. Hair will be very short and close to the skin and may expose pre-existing skin issues. By agreeing to this contract, you permit us to shave off a matted coat. We will make every effort to contact you during the groom if your dog will unexpectedly need a shave down.

Equally as important, we do not recommend shaving a double coated dog. Undercoats provide protection from both cold and heat. Shaving the undercoat can lead to inability to regulate temperature/hyperthermia/hypothermia, skin issues, infection and long-term coat damage. Shaving a double coated dog does not decrease shedding in a manner that justifies doing so. Proper grooming and regular grooming decrease shedding and keep double coated dogs with healthy skin and a beautiful, protective coat.


While we are an all-inclusive salon, we reserve the right to charge accordingly for additional time/services needed. For example, heavily matted dogs, dogs with excessive undercoat, dogs requiring more time, dogs with highly stylized cuts, etc. will incur additional cost. We aim to be transparent and fair about our groom charge for your dog. Our pricing is reflective of our service model and we trust that we will exceed your expectations and become a valuable member of your dogs’ care team.

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your dogs’ groom, please contact us within two days of groom. We will do our best to rectify the issue within reasonable expectations.


Payment is due at time of pick-up in the form of cash, check or card. You are welcome to keep a CC on file, and receipt of payment can be sent via email or text.


We reserve the right to cancel a groom session if your dog becomes unsafe to either himself/herself, the groomer or others. We work with dogs as individuals and address their unique needs. Many dogs come to us with a history of a negative response to prior grooming. Let us know if this is the case with your dog so we can schedule extra time and put additional safety precautions in place. We might also recommend use of a calming agent (per your veterinarians’ guidance). We require that you disclose if your dog has ever bitten anyone or has displayed any issues with grooming. Our safety, as well as your dog’s safety, are equally important. Dog bites often lead to infection, tissue trauma or long-term injury and significant medical costs.


  • New Clients:  Please select the “New Client” option that fits your pet for your request.

  • Established clients: Hit “log in” and sign in with your portal password to choose your pet. 

  • You may also call to schedule (231) 242-4555. Please leave a message.

After entering all requested information and Credit Card details, hit “Book.” Your screen will automatically refresh and you will see, “Booking Success. Your booking has completed.” If this does not appear, your booking request was not processed.

Please note, all pricing and time displayed is an estimate.


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