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Le Patou Canine Salon Services

Welcome! We truly want your dog to be happy and healthy. Proper coat and skin care is a vital component of long-term health and well-being. Our goal at Le Patou is to provide an all-inclusive grooming experience for our clients as determined by the needs of your pet and your styling preference. The type of groom performed (bath only, stylized coat trim, de-shedding treatment, trimming, and/or neatening of furnishings) is also dependent on the needs of the dog as discussed with the owner. For reference: Small dogs (Shih Tzu, Havanese, etc.) take 60 – 70 minutes and start at $70.

Le Patou’s fee structure is based largely on the time necessary to complete the groom and clean up after your dog. Fees are also influenced by: size of dog, condition of coat, type of coat, behavior of dog, and special needs of dog. All pricing discussed is a quote and final groom fee may vary.

All Grooms Include:

Every groom includes the appropriate products (shampoo/conditioner/detangler) necessary for each dog based on the condition of their skin, type of coat, history of allergies (human sensitivity to scent included) and/or medical condition.

  • bath (dogs love our massaging, deep cleaning bathing system!)
  • blueberry facial (with coconut, vitamin E, Mallow and Oatmeal)
  • ear cleaning
  • blow dry by hand (no kennel drying)
  • nail clip and/or Dremel
  • neatening and/or trimming of pad and paw hair
  • a thorough brush out and coat detangle (excessive matting will incur additional fees and/or tight coat clip)

Nail trim appointments ($15 cash only) are scheduled around existing appointments. If your pup is not an established client, you will need to bring a copy of your current vaccine status. Call 231-242-4555 and leave a message as to day(s) (am/pm) that work for you. Dogs must be on a leash. I do not do nail trims on dogs that bite. 

We Bathe With Quadruped Pet Care Products

Mojave Yucca Extract

Yucca Schidigera contains steroidal saponins which are detergents that promote natural cortisone production, relieving many inflammatory skin issues.

Aloe Vera

Fatty acids in aloe vera are anti-inflammatory, non-abrasive cleansers containing Vitamins A, C, and E which contribute to cell turnover.


Contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.


Balances skin pH, moisturizes and relieves skin irritation.

Sustainable Palm Oil

Cleanses, restores healthy fats. Contains the highest concentration of tocotrienols – Vitamin E.

Other Notable Ingredients Include:

Panthenol which is a skin protectant with anti-inflammatory properties. It aids in wound healing and adds softness and strength.

Silk Protein hydrates the skin and makes it supple. It improves the metabolism of the epidermis and activates skin regeneration.

Hydrolyzed Collagen improves suppleness and sheen of hair.

Do You Have Questions About:


  • Proper brushing
  • Coat maintenance
  • Dog Grooming tools for home use
  • Puppy’s first groom, when to start
  • Acclimating your dog or puppy to grooming basics

Please ask. Education is our forte! Check out the Le Patou blog page for additional information on important canine grooming topics.

Le Patou is proud to groom with top of the line, industry recognized products and tools. We are happy to recommend the appropriate grooming interval for your dog which will assist in maintaining healthy skin function, a nurtured, manageable coat, and appropriate nail length.

We truly want the best for your pet and embrace the belief that what you do for your pet at home is equally as important as what we do in the salon. (Learn more about us here.)


A Word On Puppies

 Please take a moment and read our blog post “The Importance of Early Puppy Grooming.” It is absolutely essential to get puppies started early with grooming: 16 weeks is ideal, after completion of puppy vaccination series. Initial grooms will focus on handling, exposure to the salon, learning basic commands and promoting confidence and security during the grooming process. This time and attention during critical developmental stages will impact your pup immensely and promote a positive association with grooming for their lifetime. Your role in this process is key and we will provide the education necessary to help you help your pup.


Frequency: Every 4 weeks for 6 sessions and then as determined by needs of your puppy.
Pricing is determined by age of puppy, length of appointment/type of groom, and commitment
to the suggested grooming cycle.

Wonderful Experience!

I would highly recommend having your fur babies groomed at Le Patou. Becca did an amazing job grooming both girls. Wonderful experience and the girls will be back again soon. Thanks again Becca!


Noah’s Favorite!

Noah’s favorite groomer ever! Great haircuts, a clean and calm environment, and always a happy place. We were very lucky to find Becca.


Highly Recommended!!!

Being a first time dog owner, wanted only the BEST for our little Dan. While I thought all groomers were the same. I was VERY WRONG!! I Am SO GRATEFUL we found Becca at Le Patou. I book appointments with complete confidence. I know Dan won’t be in a kennel “waiting” for his turn. Her excellent handling skills make it very easy to “hand him over”, and I never worry!!! He always smells amazing, and has the exact cut that we want. She is a natural with shape and cut design… I drive an hour each way for her services!!! Highly recommended!!!!

Ami Klykken & ( Steely) Dan

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